Who Am I, Flat Design And Spirit Of Minimalism

It’s my first entry on this blog so let me introduce myself. My name is Mikołaj Baczyński and my passion is design. I study architecture and urbanism but beyond architecture I care not less of graphic design, webdesign and products.

I launched this blog few days ago, but I didn’t expect that I will start writing my first post so fast. There are so many things to do at first like domain, template of this blog, social accounts and more… but I worked on my website and I needed make it responsive. I found this site about responsive design and image which was there included motivated me to share with you my thoughts…

…thoughts about flat design and this how easy it is today. I remember when I saw first flat pages, there were very innovative in my perception. I loved these pale colors, simply layout, and fresh look. But today when I see another flat website or app on behance and click „appreciate it” button I feel like „it happens already”. Yeah! I have Deja vu!

Flat design can be really coll, but is pretty „easy to use”. On the web are available sets of colors like this or this. I worked with programmers which put few of these collors to bootstrap settings and blindly belived that their work will be beautiful. And guess what… it wasn’t.

Don’t get me wrong. Flat designing can be really challenging, effective and can give great effects but to do so needed is right approach, sense and open mind to instant corrects to make the best UX.

This was introduction to main thought which flow over my mind when I read article about responsive web design. This thought was about combined flat design with others resources which we have available to use. It is pretty difficult to explain especially that english is not my native language. I belive that we can design a project with shadows, gradients, textures which will be still flat.. seen like flat… and be flat. And to make a good design we need have sense of aesthetic. I don’t know if some people have better DNA to do this or they were educated in another way, but if it evolved in the way of education it had to be a very soft education. But let’s go back to the topic.. Some people try to jump over the process of learning design, and here we are tons of similiars pages and apps because they were created in a spirit of minimalism and beeing flat.

In some places in the web I met people which published their works and the feedback was: „it is to simply”, „it is empty”, and then they defend theirself like: „BUT MINIMALISM IS GOOD!”. Yup – there is, but when we are designing something and we want to make it simply and clear we have to take care about feelings of audience. You can’t talk to each guy which visit your page or see logo designed by you and explain them your process of designing. Conclusion is that the simply and comfortable in the perception design is hard thinking process.

Don’t trust flat to much and do beauty design. How? In my opinion this is impossible to describe, this is one of these things which become obvious when we experience them.

Ahh I almost forgot, here is a picture which made me feel motivated to write this few words. 🙂


Thanks for reading this and welcome! Soon you will met me better. 🙂